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Ollypop - One Word Many Lives

Ollypop started its journey under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Mundhra in 1999 and since then it has been colouring the childhood of kids across the country. For 20 long years with much research, efforts and hardship Ollypop stood out as a leading Kid’s Garments manufacturer in India. Children being the most precious gifts of God, Ollypop takes all necessary measures to provide the best quality fabric for utmost comfort and ease.

The company is the only certified Kids garments manufacturer in Kolkata and the first to use Supima cotton from USA, which is one of the finest cotton in the world. Finest fabric with trendy designs make Ollypop the most sought after brand of Kid’s Garments.

The company has been serving its consumers(Kids) and customers(parents) with a wide range of clothes for new born babies to teenagers of 14 years. Kids in today’s world are smart, fashion conscious, and play a vital role in the purchase decision of their clothes. To cater to their needs Ollypop has always made their products stylish, child friendly with a continuous effort to improve to meet the industry standards. Ollypop is Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified manufacturer and takes special attention that no harmful chemical is used in the production process.

Ollypop brings in a wide range of variety in its products throughout the year to maintain its uniqueness. Some of the products of Ollypop are Rompers, Shirts, T-shirts, Frock, Night Wear, Bermuda, Joggers, Jackets, Hoodies, Jeans, Leggings, Sweater, Thermals, Shorts, Blankets and Inner wear. Many of its products come in vibrant Digital Prints in organic cotton. Ollypop has been lighting up the face of every child with vibrant smile for twenty long years.

Why is Ollypop a successful brand?

The secret behind the success story of Ollypop is the attention given to every minute details in the production of the finished products. The finest yarns, the Hi-Tech machineries in the warehouse, environment friendly production process, skilled technicians, qualified and innovative designers all put together gives the awesome Ollypop products. To cater to the needs of children for every season, Ollypop brings in the best of its products to fulfil the need of the season. Summer collection has soft easy breathing cotton clothes to fight the heat, winter season brings in warm and cosy thermals and winter clothes whereas Ollypop spring collection has bright floral prints to welcome spring.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Ollypop is to continue its journey of providing world class garments for children of all age group with mesmerising designs in a riot of colours giving the warmth of mother’s hug. It is on an endeavour to design fashion – forward lifestyle clothing and accessories in Kid’s fashion industry blending the contemporary style with a touch of sophisticated yet off-beat downtown vibe. Designs in Ollypop are globally inspired, well fit, comfortable and provides “value for money” to its customers. The expert team of creative designers are in continuous research to bring in new products for all seasons to maintain the dynamism of the brand.

With a vision for excellence Ollypop aims to create a future to provide products with impeccable quality. With a strong durable fabric used Ollypop garments can withstand the playfulness of children. The Kids wear market has garments for Infants (0-6months), Toddlers (7months – 2years), Kids (3-8years), Pre-teens(9-12 years) and Early Teens(13-15years) and Ollypop has a wide range of garments for all ages. Ollypop has launched three new range of products, which are First smile, Lazy Bones and Ollypop Inner Wear and has a vision of increasing the range in the coming years. Ollypop has more than 125 loyal distributors across the country and with an increase in the production it has the vision of expanding and strengthening the network of its clients and distributors. With a 1 lakh sq.ft factory coming up in 2020 in Kolkata’s first Hosiery Park with technical up gradation in manufacturing process Ollypop has the vision of reaching out to every nook and corner of the country, satisfying parents with most trusted brand of Kid’s Garments.

Team Ollypop

Unity is key, and at Ollypop the team works towards a common vision. It is ability of the team to direct individual accomplishments towards organisational objectives. The expertise of each team put together brings out the wonderful achievements of Ollypop.

The team consists of creative designers, technical wizards, production managers, quality control managers, sourcing boys, cutting masters, embroiders, tailors and seamstress, manufacturing specialist, packaging experts, weavers, all specialised in their own fields and contribute to the success of Ollypop.

Ollypop stands out for its exclusive designs which blends with essence of childhood. The world of a child revolves round it’s parents, grandparents, toys, friends and nature. They have wild imagination and they see the world with their inquisitive tender minds. Based on these aspects the fashion designers of Ollypop create each piece of garment with uncompromising details and dedication. The team comprises of graduates from premier Design Institutes of India whose fashion sense is extremely eclectic and they love to play with trends in colours, lines, style and patterns. Creating and visualising an idea, development of sketches, selection of prints, designs, fabric followed by a team work with graphic designers they bring to life their skill and craftsmanship.

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